As parameters change in the world around us, new questions and needs arise. The recognition of these social and technological changes and their interactions is the basic prerequisite for the development of innovative yet appropriate design concepts.

‘Adequate’ means to let oneself be guided by the question and to consider unbiased alternatives when choosing the means of design. Usage and sense of purpose are at the core and should always be understood as an interactive process to be designed.

Designing products both in their physical presence and their behavior also means using suitable simulation and prototyping methods or, if necessary, developing new ones. Ideally, a product concept with relevance materializes through this process that at the same time contributes to the discourse of the design discipline.

The design projects at Weißensee School of Art and Design are being conducted to explore the potential of emerging technologies, to identify design challenges and to experiment with interaction concepts as well as to reflect on the role of design. By collaborating with other disciplines and companies these projects help to prepare the next generation of designers to make an impact.

Prof. Carola Zwick


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